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About UK Business Continuity

Industry expert George Berrich identified a gaping hole in the business continuity and disaster recovery industry for low-cost solutions and flexible contracts.

UK Business Continuity Ltd aim to fulfil that need, implementing robust procedures to ensure your disaster recovery plans remain 100% workable throughout your contract. UK Business Continuity operates a no-quibble, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Quite simply, if you’re not satisfied with the service you’re receiving after 90 days, you can cancel your contract and walk away with a full and immediate refund of everything you’ve paid.

There is no small print for this guarantee.

Ensuring your recovery plan is robust

Your organisation will have unique requirements in the event of a business interruption. UK Business Continuity can give you as much support as you need to help determine what those requirements are, challenging your thinking to ensure you’ve covered every angle.
So much of what you need will include IT and communications infrastructure, so our technical people will be involved from a pre-contract stage to ensure your continuity plan is 100% workable.
Preparation is critical to a successful recovery and rehearsal days are a key element in this process. We will ensure rehearsal days take place at least annually with your team, thoroughly testing every aspect of the plan and working with both your IT staff, and key personnel alike to ensure best practice is followed and your objectives are met.
Rectifying any problems experienced during your rehearsal day is also critical. We will work with you to document the events of the day, highlighting both the elements that worked well and the elements that need improvement or specific action, whether it’s an issue at your end or at ours. Any problems will be rectified as soon as possible so that your continuity plan remains robust.

Looking after you when disaster hits

You will enjoy a speedy response to any disaster, real or perceived – You will be welcomed, and helped through the recovery process to ensure you and your team return to a ‘business as usual’ position with minimal delay and trauma.
Our IT support staff will become part of your IT team for the duration of the disaster. We will support, advise and assist, to help you and your IT staff get your systems operational as quickly as possible and continue running throughout the incident. Furthermore, we will assist you in your transition back to your normal operating environment once the disaster situation has been resolved.
Technology moves on year after year. You will benefit from technology that is enhanced on an ongoing basis. Your contracted equipment specifications are considered ‘the minimum’, and where we are able to deliver more, we will.
Business is about people. We will deliver our services to you in a polite, courteous, and professional manner to make your experience as painless as possible in this otherwise stressful period. We understand the pressures you will be going through, and we will do our utmost to provide our services in a sympathetic and flexible manner.

Providing you with a refreshing approach to business

Business continuity and disaster recovery suppliers have traditionally been extremely inflexible and frustrating to work with. We’re determined to change that by offering you flexible, innovative solutions and actually listening to what you want. So if you would like an option that’s not yet on the table, please ask … if we can we will!
With UK Business Continuity you won’t be committing to the exact same cover for the next five years. We understand that your business is dynamic and your needs will change over time, se we’ll speak with you quarterly and conduct an in-depth review annually. This will ensure you only pay for the cover you need.
The disaster recovery industry is brimming with jargon, so we endeavour to demystify the process for you by communicating with you in plain English. You can also refer to our online glossary for clarification of any terms you’ve heard elsewhere.
You need to trust the people you work with. So if we are unable to deliver any aspect of our service, including calling you back within certain timescales, we will tell you in advance so you will always know where you stand.
We know how important relationships are in business and we pride ourselves on being nice people to deal with. You and your team will always be offered a friendly and personal service.
You’ll have one key contact throughout the life of your contract so you always know who to speak to and won’t be passed from pillar to post. When your key contact is away from the office, our internal systems enable every member of staff to know what your contract covers.

80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open, or close within 18 months
(Axa 2007 report)

Meet Our Team

George Berrich
George BerrichCEO
Born in the USA, with that inherent “can do” attitude, George did a degree in Systems Science at Michigan State University before immersing himself in an IT career and has built up his knowledge within the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery industry for the last fourteen years.

George has worked both in-house, managing, supporting and developing IT systems (Burroughs Corporation, Stakis PLC), as well as externally, sourcing IT, communications and business continuity / disaster recovery solutions for companies such as Compaq, Computacenter, Hewlett Packard Business Continuity and IBM Business Continuity.

His extensive experience across a wide range of business sectors and IT products and services means that he is able to give sound advice and support for even the most complex of IT or communications requirements.

And his passion for improving the business continuity and disaster recovery industry led him to sitting on the board of the Scottish Continuity Group for twelve years.

With UK Business Continuity Ltd, George is putting his money where his mouth is by delivering the low-cost, flexible solutions, and the vastly improved level of support that organisations of all sizes have been crying out for.

George is Chairman of the Scottish Continuity Group, and a member of the Resilience Forums in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Milton Keynes.

Douglas Craik
Douglas CraikMBCI - CHAIRMAN
Douglas is a Member of the Business Continuity Institute and before retiring was Group Business Continuity Manager (UK & Ireland) at Prudential plc. He has been a Board Member of the Scottish Continuity Group since 2001 and Treasurer since 2004.

Douglas is the Chairman of Pickering’s Gin.

He is also the National Convener of the Traditional Music & Song Association of Scotland (TMSA) and performs throughout Scotland on the folk-singing scene.

Simon Forrest
Simon ForrestCOO
Simon was involved in IT support and helpdesk management before co-founding Icelantic. Simon has excellent hands-on skills with all common business applications and we have yet to find a problem he couldn’t crack!

Simon looks after the Icelantic Partner Program and works closely with our partners such as Netgear, Microsoft & HP to provide an efficient and feature rich experience for our clients.

He specialises in bringing clients up to acceptable infrastructure allowing them to benefit from our support and out-sourced service contracts. Simon also specialises in server migrations, making sure that systems are moved to the latest software/hardware while making sure the clients have as little down time as possible, giving the business as much up time as is possible.

Duncan Reid
Duncan ReidCTO
Duncan has been an IT Manager for two large professional practices before co-founding Icelantic. He has extensive experience of server installations, large scale project management, database development and more years of general IT support than he cares to recall!

Duncan has been involved in many client projects and advises from concept through to final implementation. He has a deep knowledge of both the technical requirements and capabilities of today’s business systems coupled with sound business acumen of what real world companies doing real world projects require.

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